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AGBIOS is a Canadian company dedicated to providing public policy, regulatory, and risk assessment expertise for products of biotechnology. AGBIOS has worked with federal departments and agencies on issues of policy and regulation pertaining to genetically modified and other novel foods, crops, and forest tree species. The Company also provides experience and expertise to commercial enterprises seeking regulatory approval of biotechnology products, and to other public and private sector groups seeking clarification of issues associated with the development and utilization of biotechnology processes and products.

In the area of regulatory and biosafety capacity building, AGBIOS has developed training programs for the environmental and food safety risk assessment of genetically modified crops. These have been used by third parties as well as for the Company's own use in delivering training workshops in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. AGBIOS personnel have led or participated in capacity building projects in Argentina, Chile, Estonia, Hungary, Indonesia, Korea, Mauritius, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Ukraine. 

AGBIOS has been internationally recognized for the success of its public outreach efforts in the field of agricultural biotechnology. In particular, the Company's CD-ROM publication Essential Biosafety has been instrumental in providing scientific and regulatory information related to crop and food biotechnology to colleagues in developed and developing countries. With distribution of over 12,000 copies in 102 countries, Essential Biosafety reaches key influencers such as regulators, academics, educators and policymakers, particularly in developing regions, and has proven a useful adjunct for scientific and regulatory capacity building.

Public Policy

AGBIOS has the regulatory and scientific expertise critical for the development and analysis of biotechnology related public policy, particularly in the areas of environmental, livestock feed and food safety.

Capacity Building

AGBIOS is a leader in the development and implementation of regulatory regimes for the products of biotechnology. The Company has designed and delivered training programs for environmental and food safety assessment of GM crops to scientists and regulators internationally.

Knowledge Building

AGBIOS has proven skills in developing training materials, risk assessment guidelines, and compliance management and stewardship programs for GM crops and foods on behalf of government regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and industry.